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“The Future of Dentistry is Here.”

A father explains his family’s experience with their son’s tongue and lip tie diagnosis, and how Dr. Peterson was able to help!


This is my boy, Elijah (aka baby JahJah).
JahJah was born with a class IV lip and tongue tie. Which means from Day 1, he had an
extremely hard time breastfeeding.
All you parents out there know how difficult that is to experience – especially for mothers
like my wife, Emily.
On Day 7, the whole family marched into Dr. Peterson’s office. JahJah needed surgery.
When I got the same surgery in eighth grade, they whacked me with a knife. I bled for
days. Would my newborn boy – hardly a week old – endure the same trauma?
Not even close.
Out of 200+ dentists in the Green Bay Area, Dr. Peterson was the only one to have a
Solea laser.
No anesthesia. No pain. No bleeding. Less than 5 minutes.
Clearly, JahJah is killing it. And I’ll give you one guess as to who now also cleans our

My friends, the future of dentistry is here.


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