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Our Services

We are committed to helping you learn good oral health habits to protect your smile for a lifetime.

The Latest Technology!

Dr. Fritsche and Dr. Peterson are proud to stay on the cutting edge with the latest dental technology!

  • Laser dentistry
    • Anesthesia-free fillings
    • Infant frenectomies (for tongue and lip-tied infants)
    • Adult and child frenectomies
    • More information below about our lasers!
  • CEREC®
    • One visit crowns
    • Digital impressions
  • Digital X-rays

Preventative Services We Provide:

• Regular Checkups: includes examinations and cleanings on a regular basis.
• Fluoride Treatments: varnish painted on teeth to help protect against decay and to make teeth stronger.
• Dental Sealant: transparent coating, usually on biting surfaces of molars, to help protect against decay.
• Night guards: to help eliminate symptoms such as clenching of jaw and grinding of teeth.

De Pere,depere dentists,green bay dentists,wisconsin dentists

Restorative Services We Provide:

• Resin/Tooth-Colored Fillings
• Amalgam/Silver Fillings
• Root Canals
• Extractions: for orthodontic reasons, as well as wisdom teeth/3rd molar removal.
** We only use local anesthetics; sedation is not used for any services. Referral to an oral surgeon can be done if sedation is preferred by the patient.
• Crowns: full gold, porcelain fused to metal, & all porcelain.
• Veneers
• Bridges
• Partial Dentures
• Dentures
• Custom Teeth Whitening: plastic bleaching trays are made in our office, then trays and whitening gel are taken home and the bleaching process is done by the patient at home. Refills for the whitening gel can be purchased at our office.

De Pere Smiles S.C. located in De Pere, Wisconsin offers ONE VISIT CROWNS!

We are proud to offer CEREC®.   What is CEREC®? 

One of the latest dental technology tools to appear on the dentistry scene is CEREC®. The CEREC machine is a special computer that acts as a dental restoration tool, allowing us to restore decayed teeth, place dental crowns, remove defective amalgam dental fillings, or place porcelain dental veneers in just one appointment.

The CEREC Procedure

The beauty of a CEREC restoration is just that — its beauty. Unlike unsightly silver dental fillings, CEREC fillings or restorations are made of tooth-colored ceramic (porcelain) so they look natural. A CEREC procedure requires less time, less drilling and fewer injections, too. It might sound too good to be true, but if you doubt that such good-looking restorations can be made in your dentist’s office in just three easy steps, CEREC will put some optimism back into those doubts.

Here’s how a typical CEREC procedure goes:

 1)  Exam and Preparation — Dr. Fritsche will examine your teeth, decide on the preparation method and start prepping your teeth (removing the tooth decay).

  2) Optical Impression — An optical impression (picture) of the prepared tooth is taken.

  3) Restoration Creation — We use the CEREC machine to design and create your tooth filling, dental crown or veneers, right in the office!


CEREC Technology

The CEREC 3D system is comprised of a CEREC Acquisition Unit, CEREC 3D software and a CEREC Milling Unit. The Acquisition Unit houses a medical-grade computer and CEREC camera; this unit takes a picture of your prepared tooth and creates a 3D model of it, which your dentist uses to design the restoration on screen.

The Milling Unit creates the porcelain dental filling, dental crown or dental veneer. During dental treatment, your dentist chooses a block of ceramic that resembles your natural tooth color and then places that ceramic block into the milling unit. The milling unit creates the restoration based on the design you just made on the Acquisition Unit, eliminating the need to take messy impressions or send work out to a lab. In just one dental visit, your tooth filling, dental crown or dental veneers will be complete and your dentist will bond it into place.

Keep in mind that not every dentist uses CEREC dental technology — yet. CEREC is catching on though — over 4,000 dentists in the U.S. and Canada use CEREC and over seven million restorations have been placed worldwide.

Is CEREC an Acronym?

Like CEREC, the acronym is a tool that makes it easier to pronounce complex scientific and technological terms. Such is the case with CEREC, which is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic.

Watch This Video To Learn More About The CEREC Procedure:

De Pere,depere dentists,green bay dentists,wisconsin dentists

De Pere Smiles S.C. Uses The World’s Most Advanced Dental Laser Technology ~ The Waterlase  &  SOLEA:

Fear and anxiety can be a barrier to seeking dental treatment. Studies show that as many as 75% of adults in the U.S. experience some degree of dental fear.  Drills, needles and numb lips can prevent people from taking a positive, proactive approach to oral health.  Dr. Fritsche and Dr. Peterson address this fear & anxiety of the dental treatment by using the most advanced dental equipment on the market for all patients – watch the videos below to learn more and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.

~ The Waterlasebiolase-waterlase-md

The Waterlase, by Biolase, is an all purpose laser.  It is simple in its design, but extremely versatile.  It can cut both soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue (teeth & bone), in most cases, without discomfort.  Laser technology promises to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the need for anesthesia and needles.  It also allows a dentist to perform a procedure more quickly and with greater precision.  Increased precision minimizes bleeding and the risk of infection, which promotes faster recovery with less pain.

Numerous dental procedures can be performed using lasers.  Such procedures include surgical and cosmetic for patients of all ages.  One such use is the removal of decayed cavity tissue and preparation of surrounding enamel for resin/tooth-colored fillings.  Dental lasers can even be used to treat cold sores with no anesthesia, providing immediate relief and disappearance of the sores.

Watch The Video Below To See Dentists Talk about the Benefits of the WaterLase Laser from BIOLASE


As seen on CNBC Video on how WaterLase technology replaces the dreaded needle and drill in the dental clinic


BIOLASE / The Waterlase Main Website: http://www.biolase.com

 ~ Solea Lasersolea-water-laser

This breakthrough technology lets patients forget their fear.

Solea is the first CO2 laser system ever cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue ablation. It’s fast, precise, virtually noiseless and anesthesia-free for the vast majority of procedures. Patients love the experience. Dentists love the dramatically-improved efficiency.  According to Convergent Dental, 95% of Solea users perform procedures on hard and soft tissue with no anesthesia.

A similar percentage report soft tissue procedures are done with virtually no bleeding. Blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures represent a major leap forward in dentistry as practitioners are able to execute multi-quadrant dentistry, fillings on the fly, and soft tissue procedures in a single appointment. Patients can receive care in a fraction of the time and discomfort they were accustomed to from traditional drills.

Watch The Convergent Dental Clinical Video: Solea Performs CLASS II Procedure

Infant Frenectomies

What is Laser Frenectomy?

Laser surgery to remove excess tissue in the mouth for infants, children, teens or adults

Simply put, a laser frenectomy is the use of our all-tissue laser to detach the frenulum (connective tissue webbing) from the upper lip or tongue.

Conventional frenectomies consist of cutting the frenulum with a scalpel or a pair of surgical scissors. The problem, or limitation, with the conventional frenectomy is that these older instruments can cause a great deal of bleeding, and consequently these treatments tend to not be as thorough, leaving the connective tissue still partially intact for fear of causing a scary bleeding episode. Sometimes it’s not enough to solve the problem.

Why Should I Choose Laser?

The results of modern laser frenectomy are excellent. The Solea laser provides various benefits over steel instruments, including the following:

Cauterization: Virtually no bleeding, even in cases with thick tissue ties.

Sterilization: The laser kills bacteria and other microbes making infection virtually impossible.

Precise: The laser beam is small and easily guided where needed and nowhere else, unlike clunky scissors.

Thorough: With bleeding under control, the laser can go as far as needed to eliminate 100% of the restriction.

Convergent Dental / SOLEA Website:  http://www.convergentdental.com/

De Pere,depere dentists,green bay dentists,wisconsin dentists

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